Occupational Health and Safety

Swart and Sons is committed to the health and welfare of all employees and others affected by the operations of the company. The Company maintains a well documented O.H. & S. system which is subject to periodic review and continuous quality improvement.

The following policy statement is based on the O.H. & S. manual held at the company premises.


Minimise accidents in the workplace – target of 10% decrease per year.

Integrate health and safety considerations into all aspects of the Company’s operations.

Ensure that all employees are fully aware of the O.H. & S. implications of their work through consultation and the provision of relevant information and training.

Attain the safest possible work practices in all of the activities of the company.

Identify and mitigate all potential hazards in the workplace.

Minimise time lost as a result of workplace accidents through the implementation of prompt and effective treatment and rehabilitation programs for any employee injured in the workplace.


Documentation of legal requirements and continual review to ensure that all legal requirements are complied with.

Twice yearly audit of the workplace and operating processes to identify potential problems and to check compliance with O.H. & S. policies, with the results being documented.

Implementation of comprehensive induction programs for all new staff.

Undertake proactive planning to achieve continuous improvement in O.H. & S. standards.

Improving the understanding of all work processes and the potential O.H. & S. risks associated with them.

Regularly reinforcing the importance of O.H. & S. procedures to all employees.

Ensuring that all equipment and safety devices are properly maintained.

Monitoring the compliance of all staff with O.H. & S. policies and procedures.

Improving treatment and rehabilitation programs to expedite return to work sooner.


Include O.H. & S. risk assessments in the planning for all projects.

Management reviews of completed projects to determine where O.H. & S. outcomes can be improved.

Training programs for supervisors to achieve a high level of compliance with O.H. & S compliance by all staff.

Appraisal of all chemicals and other products to identify potential hazards and the relevant health and safety measures to avoid these.


Maintaining a high level of O.H. & S. is important to Swart and Sons, and we are continuously seeking to improve our performance. This involves completing the relevant documentation, but most importantly ensuring that all staff are aware of the weight placed on achieving this goal and that they integrate O.H. & S. into all aspects of the company’s planning and operations.

Mark O’Brien
Managing Director
Review Date: 1st October 2013 

Swart and Sons

Next Review Date 1st October 2014.