Swart and Sons are Adelaide's leading fire rated duct installation contractors. We specialise in cutting Edge technology from Australia and Overseas.

The traditional Method of Fire rating metal ducts:

Cafco 300

Sprayed  duct work is still used on some projects, it involves the pining and meshing of ducts and then spraying with Cafco 300 usually to a depth of 48mm for two hour fire protection. The beauty of Cafco 300 is it is cheap, and can get up to a 4 hour rating on fire rated ductwork. Some ductwork simply needs this product to get the required rating.

The new method of Fire rating ducts:

March 2013 saw a new era at Swart and Sons we introduced the revolutionary "Fyrewrap" product from the USA. This product has enabled Swart and Sons to deliver two very large fire rated ductwork projects in Adelaide this last year. Fyrewrap is quicker no mess, factory made with tight manufacturing guidelines that gives confidence to the end user and certifier the product will work in a fire. The cost is more than the cafco 300 however with todays increasing onsite OHS requirements and builders increasingly short programmes for building the product is showing overall it is cheaper to use for the project. Other trades can work right next to us as we install the product! We have no expensive plastic protection of surrounding areas.

Fyrewrap TDS