Nullifire Fire Paints are leading edge fire protection for structural steel.

Nullifire S707 intumescent basecoat is the most advanced and versatile water-based fire protection coating of its type. This unique structural steel fire protection solution is smooth and robust and provides the ideal surface profile for the application of a variety of architectural or high performance top seals, ideal for ‘exposed to view’ steelwork.

As the newest form of structural fire protection for steel, Nullifire Thin-film intumescent has a number of advantages over other more traditional methods.

* These include: Smooth decorative appearance which can be easily top coated with a variety of finishes and colour options

* The Hard film resists damage

* No top seal required in non-decorative, internal applications

* Thin film overcomes clearance issues S707 is applied in a thickness of micros, often leading people to call thin film intumescents "fire paint"

* Thin film intumescent is significantly lighter than other more traditional methods such as vermiculite or concrete encasement - This reduces the amount of structural steel required in structures

* Low odour, low VOC (water based)

* Nullifire S707 intumescent coating system comprising of primer, intumescent coating and top seal provides high quality, decorative fire protection for structural steelwork for up to 2 hours. 

*Furthermore, Nullifire S707 is water-based, halogen free and low VOC, making it ideal for on-site application. The VOC content of the products has been assessed in compliance with the test method South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Method 304-91. Perhaps most importantly however, Nullifire meets Australian Standards AS4100-1998 (Steel Structures), which sets out the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, erection and modification of steelwork in structures in accordance with the limit states design method.

60 Minute Brochure S707-60  

120 minute Brochure S707-120

Nullifire S708:

Newly released S708-60 is a class leading water based thin filmed weather resitant intumescent for FRL's 30 and 60  minute. The big risk with intumescent coatings is the weather, rain and moisture do not mix well with intumescent coatings. S708 is designed to handle extended periods of up to 6 months exposed to the weather! 

Nullifire S708 Product Data Sheet

The product that will revolutionise intumescent paints:

Nullifire SC-901 and SC-902 are the worlds first 2 pack intumescent coating systems that allows application over blasted steel or lightly rusting steel a world first. Secondly SC-901 and SC-902 are the first intumescent paints that can handle running water within 1 hour of application and is suitable for outside exposure another world first for a 2 pack intumescent.

Both SC-901 and SC-902 allow high film builds with the one application right upto 2 hour ratings another world first for a commercial intumescent paint.

See technical data sheets below for full details. Its here at last intumescent painting with confidence! From an Applicators perspective!

For more information on the Nullifire Thin-Film Intumescent system, please click on the links below to receive copy of our Nullifire Brochure today.

NEW  Nullifire SC-901 and SC-902 Range of Intumescent paint.

Nullifire SC-901

Nullifire SC-902

Nullifire SC-901 Technical presentation to potential customers

Australian Projects Completed using Nullifire intumescent paints.