Paint - Intumescent

Intumescent paints are paints which expand to insulate the steel that has been painted in the event of a fire.  These paints can be applied to building elements such as structural steel, metal clad walls.
There are issues with the use of Intumescent paints when they need to be applied outside in unprotected sites. They are not weather tolerant for extended periods of time and cannot have water pool on the surface they are coated to. Whilst intumescent paints are competitive with fire spray 1 hour ratings when you have small sections requiring 1.5 to 2 hour fire rating intumescents are more expensive and the degree of risk to coating steel work is increased greatly. ideal for use in areas where structural steel is to be exposed but protected form weather. We do offer combination systems of fire spray and intumescent paints for projects.
The paints we use and recommend:

Nullifire S707-60, S707-120, S708 and the new Next generation SC-901 and SC-902 range of intumescent coatings.

Nullifire S707 intumescent basecoat is the most advanced and versatile water-based fire protection coating of its type. This unique structural steel fire protection solution is smooth and robust and provides the ideal surface profile for the application of a variety of architectural or high performance top seals, ideal for ‘exposed to view’ steelwork. 

Furthermore, Nullifire S707 is water-based, halogen free and low VOC, making it ideal for on-site application. The VOC content of the products has been assessed in compliance with the test method South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Method 304-91. Perhaps most importantly however, Nullifire meets Australian Standards AS4100-1998 (Steel Structures), which sets out the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, erection and modification of steelwork in structures in accordance with the limit states design method.

International Interchar 963
A solvent based intumescent coating. We have coated thousands of liters of this product over the last 3 to 4 years with good results. The product is solvent based which does present some issues during building work but it dries faster than water based.

The team form International will do individual specifications for each project enabling the project to have a complete coating system from International paints including primmer coats and finishing coatings. The package does offer some very good advantages to designers, engineers, builders and the client in the end. 

Internations Interchar 1120

A single component, borate and chlorine free, water borne intumescent coating designed for on-site application to interior exposed structural steel requiring protection from cellulosic fire.Interchar 1120 is a low VOC acrylic intumescent material independently fire tested for up to 3 hour fire ratings in accordance with ASTM E119/UL263, BS 476 20-22, AS1530.4/AS 4100, EN 13381-8 and GB 14907.