Passive Fire Protection

Fire Rated Sealouts

Fire rated sealouts are used to smoke seal and firerate gaps in fire walls, typically up to 40mm wide.
These gaps are normally control joints in fire rated walls to allow for expansion between dissimilar materials.

Fire Rated Ductwork

Smoke exhaust ducts in commercial buildings are used to withdraw smoke from escape passages to allow occupants to escape from a fire.
Swart and Sons fire rate ducts by welding pins onto ducts and then placing weldmesh onto the pins.  A fire rated mortar is then placed onto the mesh in two coats.  The mesh holds the fire proofing materials together in a fire.

Petrochemical Fireproofing

Structural steel and LPG/petrol tanks have to be fireproofed in, for example, oil refineries.  Specific materials fire tested to meet the requirements of fires in these environments is required.  Promat supplies us with Fendolite, a cement based mortar, for these projects.  Typically, cleats are welded onto the steel and then mesh is placed onto these, with the Fendolite applied to the mesh.  The material is normally hand trowelled and sealed with a flexible waterproof membrane.

Fire Sprays

Fire rated plaster board mortars can be sprayed onto the following building elements in order to firerate these elements.  Fire ratings of up to 4 hours can be supplied.

  • Structural steel
  • Metal clad walls
  • Timber floors
  • Concrete floors and walls

In the case of older concrete structures the fire ratings can be upgraded over the tensile steelwork.