Adelaide Mail Exchange

This  project involved the pumping of epoxy resin into a  floor slab at the Adelaide Mail Exchange in Grote Street Adelaide. A new concrete floor placed over the original slab has debonded and had started to crack. Resin was pumped into the joint between the two slabs to restore the structural integrity of the Floor slab. Over 2000 square metres injected to a contract value of $48,000.00.

Connell Wagner
124 Waymouth Street
Adelaide South Australia 5000.
Contract: Chris Michelmore (08) 8231 4766.

Fort Largs Police Academy

This project involved:
  • Concrete repair.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Epoxy injection of concrete cracks.
The bulk of the repairs involved repairing the concrete walls and suspended roofs around the two main gun turrets. The turrets were also waterproofed after removing 300 tonne of sand. The job was carried out for DAIS in 1996 to a value of $89,000.00.

Department for Administrative and Information Services (DAIS)
South Australian Government
Contract: Frank Smith (08) 8226 5000.

Exacto Plastics

This project involved the repair of a fire damaged floor at the Exacto Plastics Factory at Beverley in Adelaide. Repairs were carried out to an area of 500 square metres and involved the use of epoxy resin mortars and polymer modified cements. This job was completed to a value of $145,000.00 in March 2006.

Kennett Builders
Tynte Street
North Adelaide South Australia 5006.
Contact: Stuart Allen (08) 82671822